måndag 16 januari 2012

Good running week

Good running week, rounding off with a nice two hour run on Sunday, listening to the book "Boomerang" by Michael Lewis. Although the subject is serious, the economic crisis, it is really funny in the way it's written. 

Monday morning on the bus. People look a bit gloomy, a guy to the right reading a book, "Personality Plus". Ok, he intend to put on the big charm today. Well, the best way to paint a smile on my face on Monday is my lunch run. 45 min of slow, nice welcome-the-new-week procedure.


fredag 13 januari 2012

Windy, icy and poor motivation

Exams yesterday and today on the MBA-studies, quickly home and fix dinner, then out for some hill training before a phonemeeting regarding the MBA, all to be finished before 9 pm.

Not a calm and peaceful run, squeezed in between activities, and my knees hurt a bit. Icy and windy, about to fall on one occasion.

But I know I feel so much better after a run, pleased with myself that I did even though I was tired, stressed, and rather feeling like shit. Weather terrible. And still I did it. Makes me feel a little bit better.

Tomorrow rest, if I can, then some 20 km on Sunday to fulfill this weeks planned training, starting a build up phase with a modest 50 km week.

onsdag 11 januari 2012

Too tired to run..?

Resting day, meaning 5 km of slow run. But today these 5 km feels impossible. Long working day, dark, need to go to the supermarket, fix dinner, look happy (ok, I may skip that..), do the laundry, the dishes. Then go running.... Some days are just not made for running. Or, maybe running is exactly what I need.. 

tisdag 10 januari 2012

Progressive distance, tough but fun

As part of my new program, today was progressive distance run, 10 km. Starting slow, adding speed every kilometer, ending up running the last two kilometers in 10 race pace, in my case currently 4:20 min/km.

Rather tough for me, snow and ice slowing me down a little bit and also the small backpack. But really good training! 

Tomorrow a resting day with 5 sloooow kilometers, full rest on Thursday due to dinner with my brothers, then hill training on Friday. The weekly long run I save for Sunday. 

A bit messy week with two exams on my MBA, but I probably need the training the most during those messy weeks. 

måndag 9 januari 2012

Monday lunch run

A not so harmonious lunch run, but better than other options. Beautiful at least.


Good start of the new year, with around 90 km the first 8 days of the year. I have restructured my training plan to focus on the marathon the 14th of July, starting with 12 weeks of building strength. Will build from 50 km/week to around 75 in average. Goal for the maratho is 3:15, some 20 min faster than pb. 
Today the traditional recreational lunch run on Monday's. The meteorologist have promised snow and wind. Maybe a lunch sauna would be nice :-)

tisdag 27 december 2011

Long run getting longer, hill runs getting tougher

Nice slow 22 km run yesterday around Kungsholmen. Still construction work ongoing, so I couldnt run along the water all the way. But, found an amazing path, up and down, rocky, steep, perfect trail running. Glad I had the headlamp.
Hill runs at around 5:30 min/km pace, 500 meter hill, 45 meter elevation, six times. Felt really strong, this will be perfect for the ultra in April.