lördag 17 oktober 2009


Last two laps was tough. 30k, 3h 30min.

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Runnin the 6th lag

Wow, sun is really cooking! Last 3 laps will be fun! :-) still feeling ok.

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Fourth lap

Feeling good, somewhat humid after the rain..

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Third lap

Tropical rain

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First lap

First lap, warm but not so mach sun

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Running! 33 C

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A nice run in the park- but in how many degrees..?

Looking forward for a nice run in the park. Big event in Parque Omar tomorrow, for each lap we run 5 USD is payed for a foundation related to children with cancer. I will be running with my friends in Pura Voluntad. We will take turns, and run for a total of 12 hours. With 2 1/2 laps per hour, that means 150 USD for the fund. That aint so bad!

Those are the money sponsored by Towerbank. In addition, I will also pay 5 USD per lap I manage to do, that will be a few extra dollars.

I plan to update the blog during the run. It will for sure be interesting to see how I look through the three hours I will run. It will be three interesting hours, since I have the 11 am to 2 pm slot, and I will have to be very cautious with hydration, saltpills, ice, pace etc etc.