torsdag 29 juli 2010

Bikers are cool, runners just run

Back to the doctor again- and the bike.

No running the next two weeks, only boring rehab. Is there anything more tedious, boring and frustrating than "rehab programs"? Yes, I understand the importance of it, and I will stick strictly to the doctors plans.

"After two weeks, you can try very slow 500 meter runs". Wow. 500 meter. Not easy to find the motivation in that.

At least, I can bike. Thats ok. But I have realized that runners and bikers are very different. Or are they?

When I meet a runner, we greet eachother. With a smile, or just a nod.
When I meet a biker, they just look straight ahead, not moving a muscle in the face. Looking sooo coool.

I am thinking about participating in my first race the 15th of August. All money from the race will go to a cancer foundation. So, I was looking for a shirt. Not that I am very fast on the bike, but still it would be nice to get rid of the "flapping" of my shirt. And I realized that it is more or less impossible to find a biker shirt without one thousand commercial on them.

I am not that fast. Why would I try to look "professional" with a team-shirt, when I am just a happy beginner? "Simple is boring" was the answer from the guy in the shop.

With all the expensive gear, could it be that the bikers look serious and unhappy because they have no money left for the rent..?

So far, the only conclusion I can make is:

Bikers are cool, runners just run.

tisdag 13 juli 2010

Slippery gravel and a good evening

Visiting our friends out on Helgö, an island in Mälaren, close to Stockholm. So, why not take the bike? Around 30 km and beautiful views- a perfect ride!

Very nice roads for bike. Well, maybe except for the last few hundred meters, when the asphalt turned to gravel. Last turn, going very slow, and the front wheel just started to slip to the right. Nothing I could do, except feeling happy that I had my bicycle gloves on. Never thought that gravel could be so slippery. Something I dont think about when running..

Happy to have learned something new this day as well, I cleaned it up in the shower, and then enjoyed a campari. Ok, maybe two camparis. Really good for a bloody leg.

Razak made some fantastic things with the grill, and after a great dinner awaited Germany against Uruguay. So much better football than the finals. Of course, here we had two teams playing football, in the final there was only one team playing football.

Since I didnt have any lights on the bike, I put the bike in the car, and got dropped close to Ekerö Centrum, to ride in the remaining 20 km. Cool air, still some light, very enjoyable.