torsdag 28 juli 2011

Hills are killing me

Lunch run at work, 8 heavy km,

The hills are killing me, sooo heavy. And it was slightly warm out today. 25-26 C in the shadow, probably a bit over 30 C in the sun. Far from Panama conditions, but I should have brought some water on the run anyway.

Feeling fresh. Before the hills....

A bunch of bulls relaxing in the shadow. 

Sheep. also resting in the shadow. Probably smarter than me, running in the sun...

Beautiful flowers, and the smell was fantastic!

onsdag 27 juli 2011

Run with Noomi

More walking than running, but its a wonderful way to spend time with Noomi. Talking, about silly things and serious things. Soo gooooood!

tisdag 26 juli 2011

Nice mosquito-run

Got ok from the doctor today to participate in a 10 k race in 2 1/2 weeks, if I take it as a training run. So I just had to try the distance today. Out later than usual, around 10 pm. Beautiful sunset, but so thought around 2 billion mosquitos. If they are protein-rich as ants, I dont need a recovery drink..

Took a path that would be a bit similar to the race, with a well defined hill after around 6 km. First half felt really good, second half a bit tired, and the last 2 km was so so. 46min54sec for 10 km is ok though, given rehab and all. And that I stopped and took the photo.. :-).

The track:

söndag 24 juli 2011

Down two kg!

Maybe its too early, statistics and all. But this mornings 87.1 kg gave me good motivation to continue (and actually yesterdays 86.8 kg). No eating less than four hours before going to bed, excepte maybe an apple. And tea of course.

When I go below 85 kg, I will share a Corona with my son, with the mandatory limone of course :-). Target is to go down to 84 kg as a first step, but I think I can reward myself with (half) a corona when reaching 85 kg.

Five days left to Swiss Alpine Ultra Marathon, with a tremendous amounts of swedes running. Next year, I would really like be one of them!

torsdag 21 juli 2011

Time to loose!


Almost 90 kg is way too much for a runner. Especially for a runner in rehab. As a first step, I will go down to 85 kg. Diet starting today, and I want to see how far I can go in three weeks. I will try this, and see where it takes me:
  • Smaller portions.
  • A lot of sallad, beans, carrots etc.
  • Apples when I get hungry between meals.
  • Reduce pasta, potatoe, rice etc to a minimum.
  • No eating after dinner, except maybe an apple.
If anyone has a good idea around this, I would be truly grateful. Plan is to go down below 80 kg in the end. To save my knees, to be able to run as I want. 

måndag 18 juli 2011

Fall already..?

My definition of spring is when I no longer need something to cover my ears when I run. Below +10 C, and I start to get cold, below +5 C and I definitively need something on my head.
My definition of fall is when I, yet again, need something for my ears.

Went out late this evening, around 10.30 pm, and it was coooold. My ears told me it must have been around 10 C, maybe 12. A few degrees colder, and I would have liked something over my ears- and it would have been fall.

söndag 17 juli 2011

Running with Noomi

9 pm: "dad, I want to run!" Okidoki, why not? :-D

Noomi got to chose where and how fast,

Happy daughter and father.

Of course we had to stop and check out the frog! :-)

lördag 16 juli 2011

Slightly longer, slightly faster..

Not easy to keep down speed and distance, going slightly faster today. Running 9 min, walking 1 min, etc etc. In accordance with the doctors suggestion. Or order.

Here is the run in Endomondo,

Beautiful light when the sun sets.

This is how I feel when I go swimming....

Happy me!

onsdag 13 juli 2011

No run today

No run today, foot feeling a bit. Running every second day now, four more times before calling the doctor. Frustrating like hell. When its like this, I almost looking forward for autumn. What good is a summer without running?

tisdag 12 juli 2011

A light rain

Not a long run, not a fast run. But a run. Not feeling 100 % in the foot, but I have to give it one more week, see where it takes me. Tomorrow, swimming and maybe frisbee-golf. Day after, another run.

On Thursday, they open the applications for the jubilee marathon in Stockholm next year. 100 years since the olympics in Stockholm, and the race will follow the original track. Why not?

söndag 10 juli 2011

Trailrunning, Ingarö..

..and here is a movie-clip (a first try..).

New trails

Some nice trailrunning outside Stockholm. Second run on my rehab within rehab. Feel a little bit in my foot, but if it stays like that it should be ok. Tomorrow swimming, maybee frisbee golf (if I can get my brother moving), then running again on Tuesday.

The trail in Endomondo.

fredag 8 juli 2011

Here we go again- rehab within rehab

Talked to my doctor today, and finally I can try some sloooow runs again. Every second day for a week or two, no more than 25-30 min with some walking mixed in. See if that works. If the foot feels ok, I can get back to the rehab of my knee. Rehab within rehab..

Tried some open water swimming. Since I have not become sick yet, I assume the seewater is also good quality. ..

This is how happy I get when I can do some ruuuuuuuuning!

The route, click here.

Time for some swimming!

 Actually, quite nice in the water. But honestly, nicer afterwards..

Swimming- how can that be fun?

Simple answer: it can not.

Now you might say that it has to do with attitude, that I have to go in the pool with positive thinking. That I will find it fun when I get better at it.
To those claims, there is an equally simple answer: bs!

Swimming for the 4th time in six days. But now that I am thinking of it. I am doing something good for the people. I am checking the quality of the water! If there would be any contamination, bacterias or whatever in the water, I would be the first one to hit the sick-bed. I probably swallow a few liters of water every swim, and if that does not make me sick, no one else will get sick.

Thats a positive thought. I think I will bring that with me next time, on Sunday. Oh, I will jump in the water feeling joy and hapiness, full of self esteem, power and energy.

Or not..