torsdag 28 maj 2009

The route. Coast to coast!

Finally had a closer look at the track. First 1 1/2 km is maybe not 100 % safe for a 187 cm swedish guy- I dont really blend in, and even though we stopped and talked to several very nice people, both the people we met and the police warned us about the area for a Saturday night.

Lets see what kind of police protection we can get. Otherwise, I will have to start from Rey. Then I could not dip my toes in the Atlantic at the start of the run, but it would feel ok.

Click on a picture to have a closer look!

söndag 3 maj 2009

Back-to-back and a new president

Saturday 24.32 km, Sunday 26.37 km. My first back-to-back.

Back to back is a way to get the body used to longer runs without actually running longer.. The theory, I think, is that instead of running 50 km on one day, I run 25 km two days in a row. Since the body dont really recover until the second day, it is a way to get used to running longer distances. Also, it is good mental training since the legs are a bit tired the second day.

Since it was the first time I tried it, I did not run too long, around 25 km each day. Which would have been really long for me half a year ago- its amazing really, thinking back. Today run felt really good. I had very nice company the first half, my new friend Carlos, talking about everything from running, family, politics and other things.
For the second half my company was the swedish group Kent, sort of slow, almost sad rock. By now I recognise many, if not most people in the park.

The chinese group, always walking, spreading out forcing me to run in the grass to pass. Yesterday, one of them actually made a gesture that could have been interpreted as a greeting. Otherwise they form a tight group.

The middle age man running really really slow, toung moving from side to side. Which I found out to be one of Panamas best cardiologists!

The middle age woman that struggles on, lap after lap, with just a tiny bit too much weight.

The runners, that almost always say hi, sometimes with a smile, sometime with a tired face.

The police "guarding" the park (i.e. reading SMS on the mobile, or looking at a football game, preferably when ladies play).

The two guys that I always seem to meet, really long guy and a somewhat shorter with mustage.

And all the others...

I had the pleasure of meeting Luis also this morning, Carlos friend. He was complaining that the guards did not let him in the park when he was there 2:30 in the morning. Luis is training for a 100 miles run later this year. When I left the park 8:30 in the morning, Luis was still running...

A new president. That is what we have now, even though we dont know who yet. The voting was closed 40 minutes ago. Balbina or Martinelli. Left or Right. Ghosts from Noriega or kapitalism. I think this is a pretty important election for the future of Panama. Panama have come quite far in the 20 years after the invasion when Noriega was removed, but they have some way to go.
Huge differences in income.
They are of course related, and I believe that only way to move forward is to have a stonger middle class and more education. But the men and women in power might not think that more even incomes are so good. Cheap services, chea maids, high standard of living. They do not want to loose that of course.
Whoever wins the election, the road is truly winding. Lets hope that he or she stays on the track.

lördag 2 maj 2009

Three weeks of travel- difficult to plan training

10.34 km, 1 h 2 min 8 sec. Legs tired, pain in my legs, took two laps to get into the run..

I can feel that I have increased the weekly volume, and the 90 km week two weeks ago still hurts. Old injuries remind me to keep the balance between training and rest, and with four surgeries done on legs and knees throughout the years, there are a few to chose between.. Balance, balance, balance, a difficult game.

Five weeks left, and the next three weeks will be very difficult to plan when it comes to training.
Next week Guatemala Monday to Friday, Friday back to Panama a few hours before going to Sweden.
Sweden for one week, back Sunday evening, sleep home in Panama, then take the morning flight to Costa Rica.
Costa Rica Monday-Tuesday, then off to another country in the region (El Salvador, Guatemala, Dominican Republi or Jamaica probably). Then actually home to Panama I hope...

Since travelling almost always mean 12-14 hours of work, or more, it is not so easy to fit the training in. But I have no choice...

Now some more work before going to bed early. Tomorrow is an early morning. I am getting used to them.