tisdag 4 oktober 2011

Character or stupidity?

A long working day, where I had the "opportunity" to once again get familiar with what is probably the most common "ruling technique" (as defined by Berit Ås, the norwegian researcher and politician). Why can people not be secure enough with their own capabilities without having to keep information from others, as some sort of bargaining power. I am amazed every time this happens, but unfortunately no longer suprised.

I am also amazed that it still affects me. Maybe that is a good sign. Put me in a bad mood. Tired. Not feeling well. Go to bed or take a run..?

5 km. Not even a distance. But I felt like...well, not good anyway.. But I ran.

Character? Or just stupid..


måndag 3 oktober 2011

A very nice lunch and a weak headlamp

A really nice lunch, that made me feel very normal! Kristina, ultra runner, and Petter, an iron-man dude. Emelie, the adventure race girl couldn't make it. All with Ericsson of course :-). We make it just a little bit further, a little bit more perseverance. We just don't stop! Ok, don't worry, my boss doesn't read this anyway.
In any case, hopefully we can have some nice lunch training regularly.

Rallied on my short evening run that my current headlamp is a little bit weak. Something I bought while in Panama, and it works fine while running on a road or a good track. And honestly, in Panama you seldom need more. Either it's road or dirt road, then it works fine. Or it is jungle, and then you just can't run anyway. Well, let's see. As long as I keep to the road and the good trails, I am fine. But if start to run the trails home from work later during the fall, then I will need something else.


lördag 1 oktober 2011

Beautiful afternoon

13-something km watching the sun go down. Surprised that there were not many runners out.