söndag 30 maj 2010

Testing the second lap of Stockholm Marathon

A cold Saturday in Stockholm, one week to the marathon. 10 C, rain and wind. So why not test the second lap on the marathon, just to get a feeling for it.

First lap is 16 km, second lap 26 km. Took the subway and started at Hornstull, rain pouring down the first few km, then it got better. The real start will be at Stockholm Stadium, on the picture below.

Following Valhallavägen, very green and nice.

But before that, or just before Stockholm Stadion, I pass a very strange flag. A flag with a machinegun on it.. Eeeh.. What country put a machinegun on its flag..?!? I have to stop, and read that the embassy of Mocambique is situated there. With a machinegun in its flag.. Actually, an AK-47, that represents their fight for freedom. In any case- interesting.

The added 10 km on the second lap take me out to Djurgården, maybe the most beautiful part of Stockholm, at least of the city. I hope I have the energy left on the second lap to enjoy the surroundings!

The preparations have already begun, and on several places tents where they will serve water etc is in place.

Passing the royal castle on my way back, passing the old town.

And finally in Hornstull, taking the subway back. A bit wet, somewhat tired knees, but happy!

tisdag 25 maj 2010

Thin ice..?

A little less than 10 km, no long run. Nice but chilly.

I couldnt help laughing when I passed the sign on the picture further below, "Varning för svag is", "Warning- thin ice". Yes, I could almost see that. Thats why I left my skates at home and went for a run instead..

1 1/2 week left, and the signs are up: "Stockholm Marathon". I could feel the excitement. Is there still a chance? If I start slowly, like 5.30 pace..

lördag 22 maj 2010

A long run and Heaven Bikers!

Two weeks left to the marathon, and a final check. 20 km.

A month ago, I told myself that if I can run 20 km at least two weeks before the marathon, I still have the possibility to run the marathon.

Stopping a few times to stretch, felt the knees but they didnt really hurt. When I had crossed Liljeholmsbron and Västerbron, I found a big crowd of really tough bikers. Wow! They looked really cruel!

But wait a minute! Whats on their backs? "Heaven Bikers"..? Eeeh. Ok. Pretty cool actually. MC Worship! Found it later on the web, http://www.tyfrimc.se/aktiviteter/mc-gudstjanst/.

Smiling, I continued. So many happy people out today. So much energy. So much warmth. 26 C.

Just a few degrees more, and it will be perfect.. :-)!

Started through Vinterviken, Trekanten, crossing Liljeholmsbron and Västerbron, Rålambshovsparken above, christian bikers behind me.

A lot of activities in Rålis today. This was kayaking for beginners. Looked really nice!

Continued Norrmälarstrand, passing City Hall (pic below), crossing over to Slussen and Södermälarstrand.

Then running Södermälarstrand, small bridge over to Långholmen, and around that small island. Fantastic, old houses below! This is in the middle of the city, more or less. Some parts of Stockholm is really fantastic and unique!

Passing below Västerbron, running around Långholmen island.

Långholmen, just below the Långholmen Youth Hostel and Hotel, a lot of people enjoying the sun. No one in the water though...

söndag 16 maj 2010

Troubled bridges over calm water..

Planned a longer run, and everything went smooth until the first bridge. A canal, slightly smaller than what I have been used to the last two years, but nevertheless big enough to let those small, irritating sailboat through. And to raise the bridge..

Took the time to stretch, and continued by the shore towards the next bridge. Firetrucks and policecars. And a closed off bridge. Some sort of car fire below the bridge, and the police couldnt tell how long it would be closed.


Find another bridge? Add around 5 km to the run.

Or the subway...

Feeling a bit lazy, I went for the second option. The subway one stop, and then continued to run.

Nice run, a bit more chilly. And the knees are not very good. Three more weeks. Realize that the odds are about the same as for Denmark beating Russia in the ongoing hockey-game. That is, not extremely good.

But as always. I refuse to give up.. :-)

tisdag 11 maj 2010

Beautiful sunset!

Short note, getting later here. 10.5 km run, not too fast. A bit chilly, but beautiful sunset. No wind.

Tomorrow rest, or, actually salsa at La Isla.

¡Vamos a bailar!

måndag 10 maj 2010

Running cold..

4 C. Rain. Wind. Can not be much colder than this, in a way. Knees hurt a bit. Slow pace. I seriously doubt the marathon in 4 weeks.


We will see. There is still some time left.. :-).

fredag 7 maj 2010

Running blind

Running. Slowly closing my eyes. Focus shifting from breath down to my feet. All of a sudden, I can feel the ground through the sole. All my focus is on the feet now, shifting from eyes to other senses. I can see the ground with my feet, with my soles. I can hear the ground. So many more senses, more intense. Really weird.

10 seconds, 20 seconds. I can feel when I slowly get off track, and adjust to the left. 30 seconds, and I carefully open my eyes to make sure that I dont run into a tree.

Finally, I have to open my eyes. 30 seconds of a very strange feeling.

Running blind.

måndag 3 maj 2010

First 10 k in months!

10.5 km, 55 min. Rehab-speed, trying to keep it down. Felt good, but knees started to hurt just a tiny bit after 6-7 km.

8 C when I left home, sun setting, really beautiful! Just after 8 pm, sun shining red just over the horizon. Trees starting to get green, the sea Mälaren a mirror to the left. 2.5 km to the small lake, Trekanten, going for three laps around it and then back.

Sun below the horizon, temperature dropping. At the start of the third lap, it is getting cold. Sun have set, but it is still bright, close to 9 pm.

Running back, and I cant help holding my arms like an aeroplane, zig-zagging across the road. Too much energy in my legs, and I have to keep myself from running too fast. Knees starting to hurt, just a tiny bit, nothing disturbing.

4 1/2 weeks left. 10.5 km. I will have to do 12-14 km next weekend, comfortable, but with lower speed.

Tomorrow bike to work with my brother. Short run on Wednesday morning (getting drunk on Wednesday evening). Medium (hangover) run on Thursday, rest on Friday. Then I will see for the weekend.

Time to sleep..

söndag 2 maj 2010

Stockholm Marathon and minor brain problems..

Yes, I probably have some minor problem with my brain. Less than five weeks to Stockholm Marathon. What should be good paced 25 km runs on the weekend is now instead 7 km rehab runs, pretty slow.

Five weeks left, and I am doing rehab. Yeah! This is the point, where I stop taking advise, since I will find noone that support my view that five weeks to prepare for the marathon should be enough. Oh, and I want to beat my personal best as well. After all, its not a tropical marathon..

Well, Ida supports me. Probably because she knows I am crazy, and maybe a few of my panamanian friends, who not only thought I was crazy, but renamed me "Sueco Demente". And gave me a shirt with that printed on it! Thats the shirt I will wear on Stockholm Marathon!

I have decided that if I can run 20 km two weeks before the race, I will go for it. Otherwise, I might consider skipping this marathon. Sunday in a little less than three weeks. 20 km. Should work.

Meanwhile, I will mix biking with increased distances of running. When I run 10 km, feeling good in my knee, I will take my next glass of swedish whisky- to celebrate. That should be soon enough.. :-)