söndag 28 augusti 2011

Diet- for the first time in my life. First day of a two week diet

During my injury period, with no training, I went from 83 to 89 kg. Which is not good for my knees. At 187 cm, I would rather be closer to 80 than 90. At least, go down to the 83 I was in Panama.
So. The last five weeks, I have gone down to around 84 kg by skipping all sweets, apple only after dinner and a little less pasta/rice/potatoes. 

Now, its time for the next step. Following a program I got from my sports doctor, I will "clean my system" with a  specific diet for the next 14 days, today being the first day. I am not really looking forward to it, actually, its going to be a real pisser. But the results will be worth it. More effective "muscle machinery", less pounding my knees. And a happier me. The diet is for 14 days only, so I guess it should be ok. 

Training 5-6 days/week is part of the "diet", but thats the fun part. 

söndag 21 augusti 2011

Not every day is for running..

No energy at all today, struggling through less than 9 km with lots of hills. No speed, no energy, no spirit.

Not every day is for running..

View from what is now a school. Ten years ago, this was a secret spy central. I prefer the school..

söndag 14 augusti 2011

First race in over a year - yeah!

Midnattsloppet in Stockholm, "Midnight Run", a wonderful 10 km race in the central part of Stockholm. Was not sure about my form, since I am still building up after my injuries. More or less no interval training, and main part of my training consists of rather slow 6-7 km runs.
A few weeks ago, I did a 10 km "test training" to test my form. Just below 47 min, but with some energy left. Target yesterday was 45, which I felt was fairly ambitious given the preparations. Plan was to go out in 4:20 pace, to have some extra time to spend on the 5th kilometer with the loooong uphill towards Sofia Church, and later up to Moseback.
Passed 5 km at 22:15, according to plan. Tried to keep the pace up on flats and downhills to gain some time, and with 2 km left I realized I had a chance to go below 44 min. "What the heck", only 2 km left, just to go full speed. Last km below 4 min/km, 43:40 final result. Super-pleased!

Link to the race: http://www.endomondo.com/workouts/19094533

Warming up before the race. 

Waiting for the start, eager to get running.

Pleased after the race. 

söndag 7 augusti 2011

Introducing "fartlek" to Noomi

Introducing "fartlek" to Noomi. Very soft of course, more like fun. To get it more playful, we took turns deciding the pace and where to run, resulting in a varying speed and new places to run, sometimes flat, sometimes hilly.


måndag 1 augusti 2011

Strange landing place for a hotair baloon..

Strange place to land a hotair baloon. Minimum space and all water around it. The pilot must be a real pro. Or been really lucky.

First run with the new program. Slow intervals, much slower than I would like, but I guess I just have to trust the doctor. Around 6.5 km, 35 min something. Thats where I will be running the next few weeks, then step it up. Slooowly.