tisdag 31 maj 2011


Have to try. 3 km, slow. Stretching after half the run, watching the sun set. Not completely  painfree, and sometimes I wonder if I ever will be able to run as I want. I can do one step at a time with patience, but taking no step- just doesnt work for me.. :-(

söndag 29 maj 2011

No training this week..

A bad cold made training impossible this week. Really sucks. Sometimes I need the training more than other times. This is such times. Now is when I need the mental relaxation a 2-3 hour run gives me.
Cold is better now, and hopefully I can at least go biking next week, and swimming.

torsdag 19 maj 2011

Swimming, feeling ok

550 meters, almost half crawl using a "dolme", whatever that is in English, helping the legs to float. 50 meter crawl at a time, and I actually have the strength in my arms for it. Trick now is to relax and get the breathing right.

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onsdag 18 maj 2011

Starting from zero

Rehab for running is slow, set back now with a foot injury. Life as a runner really sucks sometimes. Now is such a time. Its not easy. If you are not a runner, you dont really understand.

In order not to grow fat, and not only do biking, I thought I would throw myself into a new challenge- swimming!

When I get good enough in my foot and knee, and when I am no longer close to drowning in the pool- triathlon. Actually, there is a triathlon in August in Stockholm, a sprint triathlon. "Sprint"... Yeah, right. Well, bike is no problem, only 20 km. Shorter than short. Running is even less worrying, 5 km.
But the swimming.
750 meters.
Today, I can do 25 m crawl. Barely. Indoor. Is it really possible to do 30 times that distance in less than three months from now? And outdoor!

Well well. I will not know unless I try.

Today, 1000 meters in the pool,  breaststroke. In 28 minutes. Well, at least I will keep myself floating if I go for the triathlon. But I want to do it using crawl. I only have to increase my capability there around 30 times...

måndag 9 maj 2011

A floating start of the week

500 m, tired. Felt the swimming I have done the last few days. Have never done this much swimming in only a few days. Well, not that its a lot, but for me it is. Now to work, and a nice breakfast.
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söndag 8 maj 2011

Frisbee and biking

Fantastic weather today, I just had to start the frisbee-season. Bike out to Kärsön, 14 km. Then the first nine "holes", keeping a good pace, finally bike back.

Mixed results on the frisbee, in total 9 over par. Two par, two double-boogey, the rest boogey. Almost managed a par on the terribly long 7 th hole, and had a few nice saves. Fun in any case, warm, nice, birds singing. Good way to end the week.

fredag 6 maj 2011

tisdag 3 maj 2011

First run with Noomi

First run with Noomi. Even though it was getting late, and school the day after. Running is a wonderful way to be together, smalltalk, just enjoy.

söndag 1 maj 2011

Nice but chilly- first bikeride in a while

A short ride, but since it was the first (more or less) for the season, it was more than enough. Original plan was to do it earlier, and have some time for frisbee-golf, then bike back. But this was also nice, but a bit chilly. Around 7 C and windy.


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