tisdag 27 december 2011

Long run getting longer, hill runs getting tougher

Nice slow 22 km run yesterday around Kungsholmen. Still construction work ongoing, so I couldnt run along the water all the way. But, found an amazing path, up and down, rocky, steep, perfect trail running. Glad I had the headlamp.
Hill runs at around 5:30 min/km pace, 500 meter hill, 45 meter elevation, six times. Felt really strong, this will be perfect for the ultra in April.

måndag 19 december 2011

No bikes..

By now the almost traditional Monday lunch run. Didn't have to worry about crazy bikers.. :-)

söndag 18 december 2011

Some testing of gear

My Sunday run was cut short a bit, felt cold the last part so the intended 25 km became 22 km instead. Took the opportunity to test some clothes and gear. First hour was rain and wind, second half snow and wind. And rather muddy and wet surface, but almost no ice:

  • Feet: Asics w. Goretex and wool/synthetic socks. Perfect, feet was warm all through the run.
  • Legs. Wintertights with Gore windstopper, short underwear from Under Armour. Also perfect, didnt even feel wet.
  • Upper body. Three layers. Thin synthetic shirt w long sleeves, Nike windproof/middle layer shirt, Nike windbreaker. Not enough. A bit too thin, should have changed the thin synthetic shirt to a thick one, and I also have my doubts on the wind breaker when its wet and windy. Might need to upgrade my jacket. Only thing is that Gore take some 2000 SEK/300 USD for a really good jacket...
  • Head. Northface fleeccap, thick with gore windstopper. Perfect!
  • Face. Nothing really, might need something for my face when its windy and snowy. It is really tough on the eyes when the snow/rain htis the face. Will check my wardrobe what I have..
  • Hands. Fingerglves, windproof. Got wet and cold after a little more than one hour. Not sure if it was from sweat or from the rain/snow. Might need something more serious here too.
Also tested to bring my camera with waterproof shell instead of trying to take photos with my mobile. Good choice I think, much better quality!

torsdag 15 december 2011

Weekly runs

At least the running is going pretty well. After two shorter weeks due to travel, this week have started good. 9 km on Monday lunch with a colleague, 18 km home on Tuesday and 14 km from work today. 
Think I will go for a longer run in the weekend, maybe 25 km. Before December is over I want to have done 30 km on the long run, preferably on the xtreme trail in Ursvik. Them I know I am on the right track for the ultra in April. 

Also, the working weeks will now be around 50 km, giving room for an optional long run in the weekend to adjust the weekly mileage. That would mean two lunch runs and two runs from work. 

måndag 12 december 2011

Starting up again

Ok, time to get started again. Not running, but writing. Long runs are now up towards 20 km. Not the 30 I had planned for the end of the year, but there are a few weeks left..

El Palmar, with friends.