onsdag 17 november 2010

Rehab rehab and.... rehab

Again, I am not sure what to write in a runner blog when I dont run.. But soon enough I will! Now, exercises in the morning, more exercises in the afternoon. Not fun, but I dont think, I just do.
Doctor on Friday, then I will take the next step.

söndag 7 november 2010

Rehab- so far so good..

Exercises twice a day now, 20 min in the morning and afternoon. In the afternoon I add 10 minutes on the bike as well. Less than two weeks until I meet with the doctor again. Then we will do physical- and strength test, and decide on a new program. A program that just might include some running! I have more or less decided on the goal for next year, but I have to disucss it with my doctor.

onsdag 3 november 2010

Spanish course on the subway..

Sitting on the subway home from work, and I cant help picking up a conversation in spanish beside me. My spanish ears have grown larger during the fall, and when they start to talk about dancing and salsa I can not keep my mouth shut of course. Seven stations later I know more about colombian salsa and a number of other things. Maybe something to try after new year..

Rehab went well today, so far. Lets see tomorrow if the knee hurts more or swell up. Did the same exercises, but easier on the bike.

tisdag 2 november 2010

Rehab sucks..

I had forgotten what rehab is like. Pain and slow motion. Everything goes so slow, and the pain is always there. Sometimes more, sometimes less. Sometimes lurking around the corner, ready to spring forward. A runner said "make pain your friend, then you will never be lonely". Yeah, right. Funny guy.


Normally, I go by heart, by feeling. I almost never follow my training plans. I adjust them depending on how I feel, if I am happy or sad, if I want to feel the smell of the woods or the speed of the street. I make the program and then I adjust.

Now I have to follow the program to 100 %. Otherwise I will end up destroying my knee again going too fast or drinking tequila listening to blues. I just have to stick to the program and start mental training. Loosing the salsa for a few weeks is tough, I realize I got a lot of energy from that.


I have to see the good in the small things. Walking the stairs without pain. Feeling my muscles work while I do the exercises. Feel myself while doing the mental training.

Setting the goal for next year will help as well. I will not set an easy goal, but I need to talk it over with my doctor. I like challenges, and I need this to keep my motivation.  

No bike this evening. Only the exercises, carefully. And pray that my knee feels a tiny bit better tomorrow, so I can add the 10 minutes of bike I should do. It has to feel better tomorrow, it has to!