torsdag 31 december 2009


Not too many days left. Everything is a last these days. Or maybe no lasts, because I am still convinced that we will be back in Panama.
I have too many good friends here, I like the country too much and I simply can not see myself without Panama in the future. One way or the other.

Sunday will be the last race in a while, a short 5 k race, where there will be more swedes than ever running the same race in Panama. One or more of our swedish friends that are here visiting will run. For sure it will be me and Jacob, 15 years. Hopefully his brother Adam 17 years and my son John 17 year and Ida. So, at least two but maybe up to five swedes in the same race.

It will be great to see my running friends one more time before our move to Sweden. But again, no good bye- only "hasta mas tarde"!

söndag 6 december 2009

Short recap

Just woke up after a few hours of sleep, looking back at the run. Strange thing, the whole idea.. Everything went real well, until that last stop by the car to fill up with water. Felt dizzy and had difficulty standing up. Ended up laying down, shaking and shivering for 30 minutes, pretty bad experience.

I am still amazed by the running community here in Panama. Where else would you have people joining between 11 pm and 2 am (Carlitos) and between 2 am until the finish (LC). Or, as Daniel did, joined us for one hour Saturday evening and then met us early Sunday morning. Friends showing up just to say high and give some energy. Fantastic!

And my wife Ida of course that supported all along, and the crazy spanish guy- Fernando, you rock!

And all the other Juaneteros that met us early Sunday morning, and that helped me when I collapsed.

I will miss you all so much- you are fantastic!


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10 hours 50 min. 80.5 km. Fer is good but I collapsed. Somos listos. No more running today.

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9 hours 30 min. 72 km. Still holding up, now with support from LC

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7 hours 30 min. Fer looks good. I hurt. Carlitos is supporting

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5 hours 40 km. Ice in the cap is nice!

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3 h 45 min 30 km

Daniel makes us company

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2 h 15 min 20 km. First partybus

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lördag 5 december 2009

1 hour, 8.5 km

A lot of people but no partybuses yet. Tranquilo en Amador

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Vamos a comenzar!

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Six hour to "start"- 12 hours of running. And talking?

What do you talk about for 12 hours? And what do you listen to on the ipod when you dont have the strength to talk?

I am listening to the wonderful book "Born to run" by Christopher Mcdougall, about the running people, Tarahumara, in the northwest of Mexico. True inspiration! Unfortunately only 2 hours of listening left. Thats the best book I have "read" in many many years.

"Philosophy- who needs it" by Ayn Rand. A classic within philosophy. Could be good for the early night-hours. Let the mind free. Just started listening to it, sounds promising.

"Influencer", by too many authors. Business literature, and maybe I should keep work from fun. Maybe..

"Tuesdays with Morrie". About life. Maybe too.. heavy?

Hmmm. Or I just go with my running music. With a good piece of salsa mixed in.

But probably, spend most of the time chatting with Fernando. I am looking forward to that, my friend!!!

Ok, time to check the list. Saltpills. Water. Extra shoes. Etc etc.

torsdag 3 december 2009

12 hours running

12 hours running coming up. Two days left, and I hope that Fernando gets better!

Not much running this week. Running Monday, salsa on Tuesday, rest yesterday. Guess I will do a few km this evening, then some tomorrow. Well, and dancing of course! For the party tomorrow night.

Preparations ongoing, did some baking yesterday, the famous Runes Energikakor. Ok, maybe not that famous. But most ultrarunners in Sweden should know about them. Oatmeal, cream, sugar, syrup. Syrup gives the fast energy, otameal the somewhat slower. I always manage to make them too hard, but this time they are ok.