onsdag 23 februari 2011

No training today

Full day workshop, and honestly too nervous to do some relaxed running. But maybe that was what I would have needed. But my armani suit didn't fit the value box anyway.. :-/
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tisdag 22 februari 2011

Long rehab..

This rehab was much tougher than I feared. Going in the right direction now at least. After a number of hit-backs, I am now running/walking 44 minutes. Not fast. Not long. But it is slowly getting better.

I miss the long runs. I miss running in shorts and t-shirt. Outside. Not in a gym. Crowded, where I have to be there when they open, and then run to the treadmill. Since there are a limited number of them where you are allowed to run more than 10 minutes (yes, this is Sweden..), I have to be really quick.
Normally, I have my runner clothes under my normal clothes, so I am really fast when they open the gym. Still, this morning I was not first. A lady had skipped the "changing-clothes-in-the-locker-room" and went for the "why-not-change-in-the-gym" strategy, after putting her ipod on the treadmill as a marker. Truly bizarre.

Soon time to ignore the cold, the snow, the ice, the wind. Skip the treadmill and run free again. Soon.