söndag 31 oktober 2010

Rehab started- good and bad

At last. Was at the doctor this Friday, and I might be able to start running sloooowly in around three weeks as part of the rehab. Until then, rehab exercises including 10 minutes on bike. First day was fantastic, today not as good. Put too much weight in one exercise, and the knee hurt more afterwards.

Pekka, my doctor, warned me that this could happen. In this case, he ordered one day rest and anti-inflamatory medicin. So, thats what I have to do.. I might sneak away to the gym and do some other exercises tomorrow, just to feel that I do something..

söndag 24 oktober 2010

Short walks and plastic foil..

Walking 100 meter, pain. Have to walk slow. I know I will quickly get stronger, but this really sucks. Work tomorrow. Well, one good thing I guess is that I will not be able to run between meetings. I have to walk sloooow.
Taking a shower takes some time. How do you shower without getting the knee wet?!? Tomorrow morning, I  will put the plastic foil to test...

lördag 23 oktober 2010


Finally. Had the surgery done this week. It turned out to be a broken miniscus, which is good I guess. Good in that they found out what was the problem. Day after surgery, I started with easy rehab following the instructions from the doctor.

Next week on Thursday, I will call my rehab-doctor for a first meeting. Not easy to write about running when I effectively have not been running for many months. Its almost as if I have lost the running, and I am almost nervous to discover it again. Slowly I guess, and I will mix with biking (or spinning) and swimming. Or rather, I have to. To get a more varied training.

Think I will use this blog now for describing the rehab. Going from 0 km to the ultras I want to run. Later this year, I will set the goal for next year, when I see where the rehab is going. Maybe not an ultra 2011, we will see. Maybe a triathlon..?