tisdag 29 mars 2011

Indoor again..

Enough is enough. Below zero, and I have to be a bit kind to myself. So, indoor it is. Almost 12 km in one hour, feeling good. Tomorrow. Well, predictions say zero degrees again, so I guess I go for indoor running.

måndag 28 mars 2011

No more snow, pleeease!

Had hoped for some spring. Cold, stiff, tired, terrible working week ahead. I guess this is good mentally, to feel like this and still get the shoes on and get to it.. But today was no fun.
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söndag 27 mars 2011

Warming sun, chilly winds and firetrucks

10.4 km, 53min. Feeling good all the way. Almost feels "out of rehab"! When I am doing around 50 km per week and 20 km in one run without any problems, then I am 100 % back. Then I will also decide for any races this year. Even though I have a few in minds, I will only decide when I am that far in the rehab. Patience...
Is it spring or is it not? Since I didnt bring my fleece cap, it must be spring, according to my own definition. And it sure felt like spring in the small "valleys", no wind and only sun, reeeeeally nice. Then up on the bridge, and it was cold and grim again. 
Running over the second bridge, over to Lilla Essingen from Stora Essingen, I saw some rather stupid person walking on the ice. Looking at Stocholm today, almost all ice is gone, and what is still left looks like it is strong  enough to hold for a duck, not more. The ice is so poor, that if you go through, there is probably no way to get up, since the ice will break, even if you have the right gear. 
What to do, but call the police? After a few minutes of talk, a police car arrived after 10 minutes, and I could point out the person on the ice, on the other side (Stora Essingen side, looking from Lilla Essingen). With my task done, I waved goodbye to the police, and began my run home again. I was a bit confused, since the police didnt drive over to Stora Essingen, but just remained at the shore of Lilla Essingen. After a few minutes I realized that it was so that they could keep eye contact with the person on the ice all the time, while waiting for their colleagues. 
And yee, did they take this seriously! Soon, two rescue cars came with blue lights, soon thereafter a car with a doctor (akutbil), and one minute later two firetrucks, one with a small boat behind! Wow! Guess the guy on the ice was a bit surprised when all these showed up! 

fredag 25 mars 2011

Colder this morning - where did spring go..?

Up 4.40 am, out running just before 5 am. A few degrees below zero, feeling pretty cold. Where did spring go? A bit over 10 km, 57-58 min something. Feeling good, and actually pretty strong towards the end. 

onsdag 23 mars 2011

A bit faster

5.26 km, 28:02, 5:20 min/km.

Since I was running a bit shorter today, I went a bit faster. And it worked well, but I got sooo tired. Well, I guess have some way to go before I am in shape, just need to be patience...

tisdag 22 mars 2011

Beautiful morning, a tiny bit warmer

4.50 am, 9.5 km, 57 min. Feeling pretty ok.

Getting closer to my panamanian habits. Of course, the main reason then was to start so I could finish before 7.30, when the heat became to bad. I dont really face the same problem here when I think about it..:-/

Anyway, its a good way to start the day, its beautiful, its silent, peaceful. And the breakfast feels soooo goooood when I get back!

söndag 20 mars 2011

My definition of spring, but King Winter is still in charge of the streets

5.30 pm, 5-6 C on the right side of freezing point, sun setting. 10 km, 59min 48sec. Link to the run here: http://www.funbeat.se/tracks/index.aspx?RouteID=699056.

My definition of spring: when I dont need my fleece "hat", but a lighter one on the run. When it comes to my ears, I am a real sissy. As soon as it goes below +15 C i start to freeze on my ears if I dont use a cap or a hat.

Today, I only needed my light cap/hat, not the fleece one. Hence, it is spring!!! However, there is still a lot of ice on the streets, and I have to chose path carefeully not to end up in impossible, bone-braker roads. But more and more asphalt are visible, and I can run large parts of the run without thinking too much on the ground.

First time I have run 10 km since the surgery, and it felt pretty good. Lets see what my knee says tomorrow morning. Still I have to cut almost 20 min on this time to be back to the shape I was in 15 months ago, but what the heck. I have to enjoy every step forward, see it for what it is, enjoy the progress and learn from the setbacks. Stick to the training, be patient and have faith in that I will be better trained and better prepared next time I taste the sweet and sour distances that defines the ultraruns.

On top of the world. Well, not really, but a very nice view of Stockholm from the top of Liljeholmsberget.

Running across Liljeholmsbron, sun setting.

And yes, we have palmtrees in Stockholm (surely they are not plastic..)! I just have to try this cafe in may or whenever they open again for the season.

lördag 19 mars 2011

Missed the sun..

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Had to try the movie upload from my mobile. Missed sunset, realized also that I have a long way to go, not in too good shape. Going down to 5 min/km speed for a km, and that was really strenous...Thats the sort of pace I would go for in a marathon when in good shape.... :-/

fredag 18 mars 2011

Tired morning run

5.30 am, -1 C, 5 km, 32 min.
Not easy to get up today, really tired. Finally got out of bed, half an hour late. City still asleep, only newspaper delivery man and some deers awake. And a tired runner.
I like the name of the laundry shop on Valutavägen, Valutatvätten ("The Moneylaundry").
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onsdag 16 mars 2011

First morning run in the cold

-7 C, 5 am, 5.39 km, 35:48. Cold, a lot of ice, but beautiful.
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söndag 13 mars 2011

Nice running in Chile

Directly from one week of skiiing in the north of Sweden to a working week in Chile. Very nice climate, with morning temperatures around 15 C, perfect for a morning run. Quite a few people out running. Not as green as in Stockholm, not as warm and nice as Parque Omar or some other nice place in Panama, but beautiful with the mountains in the background.

söndag 6 mars 2011

Time to go south

Time to go south, and tomorrow Chile. No training today, better rest my knees after the snowboarding yesterday.
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torsdag 3 mars 2011

The whole hill for myself

Large part of the slopes were closed due to strong winds. Using skins I could climb it myself, having the whole slope for myself. Perfect!
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A bit windy - a nice wakeup

Some of the nightly storm was still in the air, but still a nice run up the hill. 1.7 km uphill is good way to wake up!

onsdag 2 mars 2011

12 km on skiis, golden sun setting

Completely exahusted after 12.3 km, first the 7 km lap, then 5 km. I could hardly move forward towards the end, but I still had a smile on my face :-)

Hill-training with the sun coming up

After a few days of skiing, I just couldnt help getting my running shoes on. A wonderful uphill of 1.7 km, in total 3.4 km. Not much, but a good start. Actually, this was my first outdoor run in more than half a year. If I feel ok tomorrow, I will do the hill twice. With salsa in my ears. Vamos a bailar!