torsdag 5 augusti 2010


"Why not search for new ways..?" A brilliant idea, getting a bit tired of the same routes to and from work. And to get some more training, more than the 18-19 km.

Using the excellent routeplanner for bikes,, to find a new, nice way home from work. Since I wanted to pass the beautiful Järvafältet, I got this one:

It worked perfect! For 500 meters...

Lost. Well, not completely lost maybe. But definitively not on the route. I sort of got the general direction right, and after a while I got on the right track. For a few minutes more, then lost again in the area of Tensta.

Tensta and Rinkeby are areas with maybe not the best reputation in Stockholm. Coming from the green and beautiful Järvafältet, crossing the motorway E18 to get over to Tensta, expecting a "concrete getto", finding nice parks and smiling people!!! (see the picture above)

A very nice surprise, and this is definitively a route that I will take home more times, with variations of course.

Yesterday I took an evening ride, seeing the first signs of fall- a group of swans flying south for the winter. This is really Sweden! It is supposedly summer still, but the birds are already flying south. Well, I cant really blame them..

But, no good thinking about that. Summer is still here, even though it is a bit more chilly now, and there will be many more beautiful days before the leaves have gone from green to yellow and red, and finally painting the ground in colours.

måndag 2 augusti 2010

Soon MR X-ray

Visit at the doctor, and hopefully a date with MR X-ray (not superman or MiB, magnetic resonance x-ray..) during August. No running really sucks..

söndag 1 augusti 2010

Just realized that rain in Sweden is slightly colder than rain in Panama. But not as heavy.. :-)

20 minutes of excercise for my knees, then 20 km on the bike. Nice ride, not many people outside. Sunday evening, gray.

Listened to an audiobook about philosophy, about truth. Interesting concept, truth. Have to think a bit more about it, maybe write down something. There are some odd ends to this, thinking about the movie The Matrix, a traditional philosophical question about existence. But I am too tired now to try and sort this out, some other evening, with whisky and lit candles.

Tomorrow, going to the doctor again, see if I can get the swedish health care system to take some more interest in my need to run, and hence my need to fix my knees. The swedish health care system is excellent for kids and old people. But when I come to think of it, that must be perfect for me! I am getting old, but I behave like a child :-)